Agree or not, even the most reliable faucets may need a little care over time. Fear not if you are battling with a leaky or malfunctioning KWC kitchen faucet. In this delightful guide, I will unveil the secret art of “How can you replace cartridge in KWC kitchen faucet?”

If you are trying to get rid of the old cartridge and install a new one in your KWC kitchen faucet, then you can:

  • Turn off the water supply by closing the shut-off valves
  • Remove the faucet handle by unscrewing the hidden screw and lifting it off
  • Access the cartridge by removing the retaining ring or nut
  • Pull out the old cartridge
  • Insert the new cartridge and secure it with the retaining ring or nut
  • Reattach the handle and turn on the water supply

For more information, gather around, dear readers, as I will go through the easiest process to replace a cartridge in a KWC kitchen faucet. By learning the process, you will be enlightened with knowledge about KWC faucets in the end.

A Brief History Of KWC Faucets

Almost everyone with decent knowledge of faucets is familiar with KWC. It is a small Swiss manufacturer of various types of faucets. In the early 1870s, the visionary Adolf Karrer was determined to create a legacy in the realm of plumbing fixtures. Inspired by the magic of Swiss precision engineering, he founded Karrer Wasser- und Chemiefabriken. This is how the term “KWC” was invented.

As time marched on, KWC’s reputation grew significantly. The company maintained a culture of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of faucet technology. In 1932, they unveiled the world’s first-ever faucet with a ceramic disc valve. It was a groundbreaking feat that paved the way for modern faucet engineering.

However, in 2013, KWC was acquired by another Swiss company, called Franke Holding AG. But they couldn’t keep the faucet division open for too long. In 2021, they handed KWC over to Equistone Partners Europe. As the 21st century dawned, KWC dazzled the world with touch-control faucets and sensor-activated wonders.

Replace Cartridge In KWC

Word of KWC’s magical creations spread like wildfire across the globe. Their faucets adorned the kitchens and bathrooms of homes, hotels, and restaurants. The world recognizes the timeless craftsmanship and precision engineering of KWC.

Most Popular KWC Series For Your Kitchen

The history of KWC clearly defines its value as a faucet manufacturer. People trust the name “KWC” when they are looking for a faucet. KWC features different series of faucets. For your kitchen, you can go for any of the following KWC series faucets.

  • KWC ONO: If you prefer a sleek and minimalist design for your kitchen, then select faucets from the KWC ONO series. The series offers a combination of modern aesthetics and functionality. Often, ONO faucets feature a single-lever handle and high-quality construction materials.
  • KWC EVE: The elegant and fashionable design of the KWC EVE series sets it apart. These faucets are popular with those seeking a sophisticated look in their kitchen. EVE faucets often have a curved spout and a user-friendly single-lever handle.
  • KWC ZOE: Are you tired of the old, traditional features of your kitchen faucet? Want to make cooking and cleaning easier? Then, shift to the KWC ZOE series. Besides contemporary designs, these faucets are equipped with advanced technological features. For instance, they often include touchless operation and integrated pull-out spray heads for added convenience.
  • KWC SAROS: These faucets are popular for featuring a pull-out or pull-down spray head. In addition, the KWC SAROS series combines modern aesthetics with practical functionality. KWC focused on usability while designing these faucets.
  • KWC SIN: Faucets from the KWC SIN often come with a single-lever handle. In addition, they have a sleek and simple design. As a result, the KWC Sin faucet is a versatile choice for various kitchen styles.
  • KWC INOX: The primary feature that sets KWC Inox faucets apart is their use of high-grade stainless steel. These faucets can complement modern kitchen aesthetics with a contemporary design. Moreover, the swivel spout feature allows you to direct the water flow precisely.

The Required Tools For Replacing Any KWC Kitchen Faucet

Great! Hopefully, now you will have no problem selecting the right one from the many KWC faucets. This leads us to the part where I will describe a step-by-step guide to replacing a KWC kitchen cartridge.

Replacement cartridge

Different KWC kitchen faucets may require different tools to replace the cartridge. Regardless of the KWC faucet model, make sure you have the following tools.

  • Replacement cartridge (make sure it matches the model of your KWC faucet)
  • 42 mm or 1-5/8″ adjustable wrench or a cartridge removal tool (some KWC faucets may require a specific tool)
  • T20 Torx driver or flat-blade screwdriver (depending on the model of the KWC faucet)
  • Pliers (if necessary)
  • Clean cloth or towel
  • Silicone plumber’s grease or lubricant (optional but recommended)

How To Replace Cartridge In KWC Kitchen Faucet: 7 Lucky Steps Is All You Need

If you have gathered all the tools mentioned in the upper section, let’s jump into the process of replacing a cartridge in a KWC kitchen faucet. For a successful cartridge replacement, follow these steps accordingly:

Step 1: Halt the Waterfall!

You wouldn’t want a waterfall in your kitchen, right? To ensure that, find the water shut-off valves lurking beneath the sink first. After finding them, twist the shut-off valves like a secret code until they are fully closed. By doing so, you have safeguarded your kitchen from watery surprises.

Step 2: Bid Farewell to the Old Cartridge

It is time to get rid of the old cartridge. For that, you have to uncover the faucet handle’s secret hiding spot. Usually, the secret lies underneath a decorative cap or cunningly hidden screw. With a 42 mm or 1-5/8″ adjustable wrench, set the screw free. After that, using a T20 Torx driver or flat-blade screwdriver, gently lift off the handle, like a long-lost treasure revealing itself.

Step 3: Reveal the Hidden Chamber

With the handle gone, you will be one step closer to the elusive cartridge. Depending on your faucet model, you might encounter a crafty retaining ring or nut guarding the sacred chamber. Fear not! Channel your inner genius and use the adjustable wrench to remove the retaining ring. Otherwise, use the cartridge removal tool that came with your KWC faucet.

Step 4: The Cartridge Unveiling

Now that you have unmasked the guardian ring or nut, it is time to meet the cartridge. Carefully draw it out of its hidden sanctuary. Sometimes, mineral deposits or sediments make it cling to its dwelling like a loyal friend. So, watch out for any surprises. If necessary, use a plier to pull off the cartridge.

Step 5: Embrace the New Cartridge

Your new cartridge is ready to shine! Embrace this fresh hero and introduce it to the faucet body. Make sure the pins on the cartridge line up with the slots in the faucet body. So, guide the cartridge into place like a well-rehearsed dance.

Step 6: Assemble the Troops And Reunite with the Handle

Bring back the mighty retaining ring or nut to secure the new cartridge in place. Tighten it with precision, ensuring your cartridge rests securely in its newfound home. Next, reunite the faucet handle with its long-lost companion, the screw. With a firm yet gentle touch, secure the handle in its rightful position.

Step 7: Seek the Sign of Success

Your moment has come! Gradually, open the water supply valves that you turned off in the beginning. Now, turn on the faucet and witness the fruits of your heroic endeavors. Check for any lingering leaks. If you find any, wield your adjustable wrench to tighten the retaining ring or faucet handle like a seasoned champion. Also, check if the water is flowing smoothly from the faucet. If everything seems alright, rejoice to know that you have successfully replaced the cartridge in your KWC kitchen faucet.

Please keep in mind that I have discussed the general process of replacing a cartridge in a KWC kitchen faucet. Additional steps or tools may be required for different models. Despite the faucet model, these instructions will be enough to solve the puzzle, “How to replace cartridge in KWC kitchen faucet?”

The faucets from the KWC Domo series are widely used in kitchens. So, I have shared the following video, showing how to replace a KWC Domo cartridge.

Final Words

Congratulations, dear readers! You have successfully replaced the cartridge in your KWC kitchen faucet. Thanks to your heroic efforts, your faucet is ready to function efficiently once again. By mastering the art of “How to replace cartridge in KWC kitchen faucet?”, you have proven yourself as a faucet mechanic.

With your DIY skills, your KWC faucet will continue to serve as a faithful companion for years to come. I hope you will be satisfied to see your kitchen faucet deliver smooth water flow. So, celebrate your victory and revel in the magic of a revived kitchen faucet.  


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