Ever wondered how many times you used your kitchen faucet daily?

It could be more than 100 times! 

Such an incredible amount of use wears down the performance of a kitchen faucet over time. Despite being durable and reliable, Pfister kitchen faucets are also no exception. As a result, you may need to remove or replace it after a certain period. 

So, how to remove a Pfister kitchen faucet?

Happily, you can do it following a straightforward process and go on running. The method includes removing the Handle mounting hardware, disconnecting valves, removing spout mounting hardware, and finally, dismantling the Pfister kitchen faucet from the sink.

However, the removal process can differ little based on the model and brands, but basic procedures are the same. Let’s take a closer look at the process.

How to Remove a Pfister Kitchen Faucet – Step-by-Step Guide

Start by emptying the beneath of the sink. Usually, the area underneath the sink is confined, and you will need enough space to work. So, remove all the items that are available underneath the sink. Wear a headlamp to illuminate the area. If you fail to see things comfortably, the success rate of the process will be less for sure. Gather all the supplies listed below.

Supplies You Will Need

  • 3/32 wrench
  • Basin wrench
  • A pair of pliers
  • Bucket or large bowl
  • Rag or cloth
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Headlamp

Step 01: Turn Water Supply Off

Turning off the water supply of your kitchen faucet should be the first step. This is crucial as not doing so means water will keep coming when you work further in this process. Thus, overflow of the water will occur from the opening, which can cause water damage.

So, don’t you want to avoid such a mess? For this, close the water supply line without fail. You must have 2 water supply lines: hot and cold. Make sure both lines are turned off. When closing the hot water line, use a cloth or rag to prevent heat-related skin burns.

Step 02: Remove the Handle & Handle Hub

There are 2 ways, based on the Pfister kitchen faucet design, when it comes to removing the handle. For a screw-type design, the handle is attached to the faucet with a screw on the lower side of the handle. Set the handle free by unscrewing it using a 3/32 wrench.

On the other hand, some models’ handles don’t have screws. In this case, only twisting the handle will help you remove the handle. You may need to force or pressure to twist the handle. Be gentle while turning the handle, as excessive force may damage the faucet body.

Next, give a clockwise turn to the handle hub. Thus, the handle hub will be set free easily. Completing this step doesn’t require any specialized tool. A few natural turns are enough to get the step done without trouble.  

Step 03: Disconnect the Water Supply

Locate the hose connected water supply line to the handle and the cartridge. Keeping a bucket or large bowl underneath the hose would always be best. Wondering why that is? The bucket or bowl will help you collect the water. In fact, you will experience some leakage at this point. Then, grab the adjustable wrench and remove the hose effortlessly.

The removal method of the hose may vary based on the Pfister kitchen faucet model and the connector type. Newer models use the quick-connection method. You can easily remove these connection types simply by a gentle press. Whereas older models lack a quick connection. A locking plier will come in handy in removing the hoses of older Pfister kitchen faucets. Hold the parts steadily and remove the hose conveniently.

Step 04: Handle Mounting Hardware Removal

The valves are secured in place with the help of the mounting hardware. You will find the hardware on the mounting shelf. You must have received some tools with the Pfister kitchen faucet. These tools are specifically designed to install and uninstall the faucet. Use them to remove the mounting hardware.

Did you lose the included tools?

Nothing to worry about. If you already have an ordinary adjustable wrench in your toolbox, use it. In case the wrench is unavailable, visit your nearest home improvement store and buy a new one. Remember, every problem comes with a solution.

Step 05: Disconnecting the Valve Bodies from the Spout

Using any tools is unnecessary in this step. Find out the Y-shaped piece. Once located, start with the lower side at this point where the 2 main supply lines are connected. Then, press the tabs to remove each part and put pressure on the hose.

After that, press the entire piece and push down the colored ring available on the upper side of the Y. This will help remove the Y-shaped connector from the spout. Next, pull the whole unit from the bottom to the underside of the countertop.

This kind of connection is known as the compression type. Now, release the tension. Thus, the piece will be disconnected from the colored ring. You may need to exert a push but do it without hesitation.

Step 06: Spout Mounting Hardware Removal

Pfister has especially designed tools for the installation or uninstallation of their faucet. Use it to complete this step. Moreover, an adjustable wrench will also be helpful. Proceed with this step by disengaging the quick connection. This way, removing the spout mounting hardware will be easier. Then, turn the tool or wrench following the anti-clockwise direction.

Step 07: Remove a Pfister Kitchen Faucet from the Sink

This is the last step of this process. Following the steps mentioned above, you can dismantle the spot and all the valve bodies from your kitchen sink via the correct channels. Since all the mounting hardware and the lines are removed, remove the Pfister kitchen faucet from the sink separately.

How to Remove a Pfister Kitchen Faucet [Videos]

Maintenance Reminder when Removing a Pfister Kitchen Faucet

By reading and following the above steps, you must have understood that Pfister kitchen faucet removal is not that hard. Moreover, the process will take a maximum of 30-35 minutes. Furthermore, it is a cost-efficient process. There are a few reminders to follow while completing the project. The below-listed points are crucial for the success of the DIY process.

  • Gather all the tools to complete the DIY project before proceeding with the steps. Otherwise, you may need to look for the required tool to complete an action. This will cause unusual time loss.
  • Remember to close the main shutoff valve of your home’s water supply system. This is a must before starting the project. Unnecessary damage to the cabinets and floors can easily be prevented.
  • Is there any exposed cabinet surface near the sink in your kitchen? If YES, placing some soft cloths or towels on the surface is better. This way, you can avoid damage to the surface if stray tools drop accidentally during the removal process.
  • Do you have an old Pfister kitchen faucet installed in your kitchen sink? For older models, some parts may be already broken. So, you have to be of utmost care when taking the parts of these faucets apart.
  • On your first attempt, it is best not to try dismantling something that should not be dismantled. You can ruin other parts during the removal process of the Pfister kitchen faucet, and things can worsen.
  • Unsure or unconfident in handling the DIY project of removing the Pfister kitchen faucet? Better call a professional plumber and get the job done.

How to Remove a Pfister Kitchen Faucet FAQs

How are Pfister kitchen faucets?

Pfister kitchen faucets are reliable, high-quality, and designed with a limited lifetime warranty. Superb functionality and innovative design are the prime features of these faucets. You will find a wide range of finishes and styles in the market to suit your kitchen.

How long do Pfister kitchen faucets last?

Pfister kitchen faucets warranty covers function and finishes as long as you own your kitchen. However, these kitchen faucets’ lifespan is 10-15 years.

How do you remove a Pfister Quick Connect sprayer hose?

To remove a Pfister quick connect sprayer hose, get a pair of pliers and put it into the connection where the spray hose and debugger are attached. Then press the pliers towards the debugger and twist the sprayer hose outwards. After a few seconds, your sprayer hose will come off.

Where is the model number on the price Pfister faucet?

The Pfister model number is generally pasted on the package. You will find the model number in the instruction manual as well.

How long are Pfister kitchen faucets in the market?

Pfister is an American Manufacturing Company, making faucets for bathrooms and kitchens, showerheads, shower systems, and other plumbing fixtures since 1910. They ensure customer satisfaction at any cost.

Summing Up

Isn’t the Pfister kitchen faucet removal process straightforward? Hopefully, this guide on how to remove a Pfister kitchen faucet has been helpful to you. Following the step-step-step process, a homeowner can save valuable money without calling a pro plumber.

Never try to complete a removal or repair job if unsure about the process. In case the procedure is done incorrectly, a major problem can happen in the kitchen, which can cause expensive repairs. Moreover, keep the right tools and supplies in your hand when working on such a faucet removal project.


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