Did you know that the glassware we use at home could be a Duralex product? But many of us have yet to hear of Duralex. If you still need to, we can tell that you may still be using traditional glassware. 

You need to catch up on some of the most classic and durable glassware around. The company produces kitchenware and drinking glasses. They have been producing classic glassware products with a touch of modern flair for more than seven decades. Their glasses are used in homes and restaurants worldwide and are trusted to stand the test of time.

In this article, we will tell you about Duralex and answer the question: Is Duralex worth it? We will cover the pros and cons, durability, and available alternatives. We’ll explore how International Cookware’s ambition is to become a world leader in tempered glass production. They want to achieve this by reinforcing their French production by increasing their factory’s production capacity and promoting strong international development.

So let’s get started.

What Is Duralex?

Duralex is a major French manufacturer of cookware. It is a French company owned by Pyrex’s mother, the company-International Cookware.

Known for its tempered glass, Duralex is renowned for its line of practical, high-quality drinking glasses, which are known as Picardie glasses. 

Duralex is backed by a long history of French production and strong international development. The company was bought out by International Cookware. This move confirms International Cookware’s ambition to become a top leader in tableware and kitchen glassware and tableware and a significant French manufacturer.

Their products are made from a unique type of tempered soda lime glass that is highly resistant to thermal shock. It makes it more durable than regular glassware. Moreover-this process reinforces the factory’s production capacity. It allows them to produce many pieces in both tempered and laminated forms.

is duralex the same as pyrex

Pros of Duralex

When weighing the pros and cons of Duralex, there are a few key elements to consider. 

  • We know Duralex for its tempered glass, making it stronger, more durable, and safer than regular drinking glasses 
  • It has affirmed its international ambition by becoming a world leader in kitchen glassware.
  • The key benefit of Duralex is its ability to withstand thermal shock. All products have been tested to withstand temperature variations of 130 degrees Celsius. This is the heat you can get when you move a hot pot from the oven onto the table. 
  • And the company’s commitment to reinforcing French production means they continue to manufacture in France while maintaining their eco-friendly approach.

Cons of Duralex

Conversely, some people may not be impressed with Duralex’s factory’s production capacity. 

  • Some products are in short supply, and orders may take longer than anticipated
  • Also, while Duralex has a strong international development team, there is still quite an emphasis on catering to France

It comes down to what we need when we look for high-end kitchen glassware. If we are looking for hot and cold liquids, Duralex glasses are worth considering.

If we don’t need extreme thermal shock resistance, then there are other cheaper alternatives that we can use.

How Durable Are Duralex Glasses?

Durability is one of the main reasons people choose Duralex. 

  • Their products are designed to last for a long time.
  • Duralex is composed of tempered glass, up to five times harder than standard soda lime glass. The process of tempering glass involves; heating it and then rapidly cooling it with air.
  • This process increases the glass’s strength and resistance to shattering. This makes Duralex pieces four times less vulnerable to breakage and thermal shock than regular glass.
  • Due to its high-quality construction, Duralex glasses and dinnerware are a popular choice for home and commercial use.

A typical example is restaurants and bars. This is due to their superior durability over other types of glassware. The company also offers a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Is Duralex the Same as Pyrex

What Does the Number on the Duralex Glasses Mean?

The number on the bottom of Duralex glasses refers to the capacity of the glass in milliliters. If we have a Duralex glass with the number 250 underneath, it can hold up to 250 milliliters of liquid.

Can I Put Duralex Glass in the Freezer?

You can put Duralex glassware in the freezer. The glass is made out of tempered glass, meaning it can withstand drastic changes in temperature without shattering. This allows us to safely put them in the freezer, making them an excellent choice for serving icy drinks and desserts.

However, while Duralex glass is freezer-safe, there are some precautions we must take for it to last for us.

These precautions will ensure that the glassware doesn’t break or crack.

  • We must not put hot or warm glassware immediately into the freezer because the abrupt shift in temperature may cause breakage.
  • We must let the glassware get to room temperature before we put it in the freezer.
  • Also, we must ensure enough space in the freezer for the glassware to expand as the contents freeze.

Pyrex: Is Duralex the Same as Pyrex

Pyrex, under the brand name “International Cookware,” is another popular kitchen glassware brand of International Cookware we see on the market. Both of these companies remain independent, pursuing their goal of becoming top glassware manufacturers.

It was first created in 1915 as a brand of cookware and drinkware. It had the ambition to become a top-tier manufacturer of glassware.

Pyrex creates cookware with borosilicate glass treated with thermal shock, which makes it much more durable than traditional soda lime glass. 

Additionally, it is the cookware that the French company Duralex uses. It is known for its reinforced Picardie glasses, which can hold hot and cold liquids.

is duralex the same as pyrex

Comparison to Duralex

Duralex is making strides to produce more high-quality glassware. They state that “we have increased our production capacity and strengthened our international development process.” 

Their glassware products are known for their impressive durability and strength. Their tempered glass products may not be as durable as Pyrex. However, they offer an affordable option for those who value aesthetic appeal. Both brands offer various glassware products for use in our kitchen. These include the cups we use for measuring, the bowls we use for mixing, and our baking dishes. 

Pyrex has many products available, and we mostly use them in our homes. But Duralex is gaining popularity as a stylish and affordable option if you are looking for top-quality glassware. 

Generally, both Pyrex and Duralex are trusted brands that offer quality products for our daily use in the kitchen.

Alternatives to Duralex

We will look at two alternatives to Duralex that we can find on the market. They are;

  • Anchor Hocking 
  • Libbey

These glasses have great features similar to Duralex. So if you cannot find Duralex on the market, any of these can be a good alternative.

1. Anchor Hocking

If you love a classic look, Anchor Hocking will give you exactly what Duralex offers, possibly at a cheaper rate. We know them for producing some of the most popular kitchen glassware and plates in the United States.

You can also consider Anchor Hocking if you are looking for traditional shapes and colors for your kitchen glassware. The company proudly says, “Our company keeps adding new products to its line, with designs that are both durable and stylish.”

2. Libbey

If you want to consider a glassware set for your kitchen, you should check out Libbey, an international cookware company. 

This company has been around for some time. So why should you consider Libbey?

  • Tempered glass: As one of the oldest glassware manufacturers, Libbey invests heavily in research and development. 

This means their glasses are made from tempered glass, which is resistant to thermal shock from rapid temperature changes—a great choice if you’re clumsy!

  • Reinforcing French production: Libbey says, “We employ people to help bolster the French economy, which has grown over the years. We have increased our factory’s production capacity by 400 percent. This helps protect local factories and strengthens the local community.”

Are Duralex Glasses Breakable?

Does Duralex glass break? To quote the company, “Our glass is less likely to shatter into sharp fragments because it is made out of tempered glass.” Therefore, while Duralex glassware is quite durable, it is still breakable—it can break into small, blunt pieces.


In summary, Duralex has pioneered the kitchen glassware industry with its famous Picardie glasses. They have made multiple statements regarding their glassware:

“Our glassware is strong and durable. We ensure our glassware contains thermal shock properties that help the glasses resist heat and breakage.” 

“We have an international presence with a French production facility. It has a large production capacity.”

“Therefore, this allows us to move quickly and remain an independent company pursuing our ambitions.”

Even though Pyrex’s mother brand owns Duralex, they have distinct advantages. They also share similar qualities, such as being made of ordinary soda-lime glass. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand if Duralex is worth it or if you should look for alternatives.


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