Is your Samsung microwave not functioning as expected? A reset might be just what it needs. This guide will walk you through resetting your Samsung microwave, a simple troubleshooting step that can resolve many common issues. By following these instructions, you can restore your microwave to its default settings and hopefully clear up any glitches you’re encountering.

Resetting Your Samsung Microwave

When your Samsung microwave acts up, resetting it can often clear up the problem. This process involves briefly cutting off the power to the unit to reset the electronic components, similar to rebooting a computer. Let’s explore how to do this safely and effectively.

Locate the Power Source

Before attempting anything, you must first locate its power source. That is crucial to ensure that the reset is done safely and correctly. Power sources vary depending on your kitchen setup, so identify where your microwave is plugged in or which circuit breaker it is connected to.

Unplugging the Microwave

The most direct way to reset your microwave is by unplugging it. Carefully pull the plug from the wall outlet, ensuring that you do not tug on the cord but rather grasp the plug itself. That will prevent any damage to the cord or outlet. Wait for about a minute before plugging the unit back in. This brief period ensures that the microwave’s internal circuitry has fully reset.

After plugging the microwave back in, check if the issue has been resolved. If the microwave remains unresponsive or the problem persists, you may need to take additional steps.

how to reset samsung microwave

Turning Off the Circuit Breaker

If you cannot access the microwave’s plug, or if it’s hardwired, you’ll need to reset it using the circuit breaker. Locate your home’s breaker box and find the switch that corresponds to your microwave. It may be labeled specifically or be part of the kitchen’s general circuitry.

Flip the breaker switch to the off position, cutting power to the microwave. Wait about a minute before turning the breaker back on. This has the same effect as unplugging the appliance and can reset the microwave’s system. Once power is restored, monitor the microwave for normal function.

Using the Control Panel for Reset

If power cycling through unplugging or the circuit breaker doesn’t work, you can try using the microwave’s control panel for a reset. Most models have a built-in reset function that can be accessed through a specific button sequence.

Identifying the Right Buttons to Press

Locate the control panel on your Samsung microwave and look for a button labeled “Stop/Clear” or similar. This button typically stops the microwave mid-cycle and clears any current settings. It can also be part of the reset process, often with other buttons.

Some models require pressing and holding one or more buttons for a few seconds to initiate the reset. Refer to your microwave’s user manual for the exact button sequence. It might differ from one model to another. If you’ve misplaced your manual, Samsung’s support website often provides digital copies.

Sequence to Follow for the Reset Function

Start by pressing the “Stop/Clear” button. If this does not work, try pressing and holding it for 3 seconds. If your microwave has a “Start” button, try pressing these two buttons in sequence or simultaneously for a reset.

Some models may have a dedicated “Reset” button or require a combination of button presses. Again, it’s important to check the user manual for the correct sequence. A successful reset will typically be indicated by a beep, a flash on the display, or the clock asking to be set.

After Reset: Ensuring Your Samsung Microwave’s Optimal Performance

After resetting your Samsung microwave, it’s important to verify that the appliance is functioning properly. A few simple tests can confirm whether the reset was successful and if the microwave is operating at its best.

Testing the Microwave Post-Reset

Once the microwave has been reset, it’s crucial to test it to ensure it is working correctly. This step will confirm whether the reset addressed the issue or if further action is needed.

Performing a Simple Cook Test

A quick and easy way to test your microwave’s functionality is to perform a simple cook test. Place a cup of water inside the microwave and set it to heat on high for one minute. Watch the water as it heats—if it comes to a boil, your microwave is likely working as it should.

If the water does not heat up or if the microwave exhibits any strange behaviors during the test, such as unusual noises or continued error messages, then the issue may not be resolved. In this case, further troubleshooting or professional assistance might be necessary.

Monitoring the Display and Control Response

Keep an eye on the microwave’s display panel after the reset. It should be clear and easy to read, with no error codes or flashing symbols. Test the responsiveness of the control panel by setting the time or starting a quick cook cycle. The buttons should respond to your touch without delay.

how to reset samsung microwave

When to Contact Samsung Support

If your Samsung microwave continues to have issues after attempting a reset, it may be time to contact Samsung support for assistance. They can provide further troubleshooting steps or service options.

Persistent Issues After Reset

Some problems can persist even after a reset. If your microwave is still not heating food properly, displaying error messages, or turning off unexpectedly, these could be symptoms of a more significant issue. In these cases, a reset might not be enough to fix the problem.

Keep a record of the issues you are experiencing, as this information can be helpful when speaking with a Samsung support representative. They’ll likely ask for details about what the microwave is doing or not doing, which can guide them in offering the right solution.


Resetting your Samsung microwave can often resolve common issues and restore its functionality. By following the steps outlined, from power source disconnection to using the control panel, you’re equipped to tackle basic troubleshooting on your own. 


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