Do you often struggle with a kitchen that is swamped with water bottles? Having trouble locating a bottle if you need one? We feel your pain. 

Bottle or wine racks, wire coat hooks, shoe organizers for the doors, old soda boxes, and even labeled bins are all options. To get rid of disorganized bottles, you can also try magazine holders or arrange bottles flat in a small drawer. 

Don’t sweat as we’ll discuss all the practical ideas on how to organize water bottles in kitchen clearly. Thus, you’ll be able to get those bottles organized like a pro.

How to Organize Water Bottles in Kitchen

So, How can you store water bottles In the kitchen? We’ll explain all the simple ways that you can keep your bottles organized. So let’s get started.

  1. A Simple Bottle Rack

What if you could store water bottles while still adding a dash of contemporary elegance? So, if you utilize a bottle rack, it’s doable. It’s both efficient and visually pleasing because of its geometric shape and elegant coating options.

It’d be best if you get a bottle rack that can store many bottles vertically. As a result, you’ll be able to fit plenty of bottles in a short space.

You just need to wash them, air dry them, and store with the caps on. This way, you’ll save time and hassle by not having to match the lids to the bottles every time you need a drink.

  1. Wine Storage Racks

Fortunately, wine storage racks can assist you in keeping your bottles orderly and accessible. There are several places in your kitchen where you could put them, from cupboards to pantry shelves to counters.

How to Organize Water Bottles in Kitchen: Wine Bottles

You can even choose wood wine racks that completely match your cabinets if you want a cohesive design.

  1. Stackable Plastic Bottle Holder

When we talk about a cluttered and disorganized kitchen, a stackable bottle holder can ease your pain. And it’s quite simple to use! 

Just arrange your bottles so that their bottoms are up and they are piled on top of each other. This ensures a firm grip and prevents them from toppling over. 

It’s so compact that you can put the holder on the shelves of your kitchen counter, cabinets, or pantry to keep your kitchen orderly.

  1. Over-Door Shoe Organizer

Have you ever thought of using a door-hanging shoe organizer? It might seem a bit odd, but it’s actually a pretty genius solution. 

Just hang them from the back of your pantry door and store your water bottles in the slots. You can’t store more bottles without even losing the lids or trying to find another as they stay with the bottles as well. It’s a really basic and room-saving kitchen solution!

  1. Drawer Dividers

If you have deep pull-out drawers in your kitchen, dividers might be a lifesaver. Get some dividers, then use them to designate a space for your plastic bottles. As simple as ABC!

The nice part is that you can modify them to meet your own preferences. The dividers can be customized to suit your storage requirements, whether you have just a few bottles or a large collection.

  1. Labeled Bins

Are you sick of finding complete mayhem when you open your water bottle cabinet or drawer? If so, you’re not by yourself. Thankfully, there is a simple fix: labeled bins.

Arranging your kitchen can be optimized by sorting your bottle by kind and putting them into specific bins. You can get what you’re looking for with just a short glance. Also, you can select from a range of bin designs and colors to match your kitchen’s decor.

  1. Retro Soda Box

Do you like the look of the vintage? Then, the retro soda box shelf may be exactly what you need. If you’re willing to hunt hard enough at flea markets and thrift shops, you can probably locate one. 

To avoid having to do any extra work, choose a shelf with intact dividers. While it might need some mounting space in your kitchen, it’s well worth it. You can remove unwanted kitchen appliances. Once hung, you can organize your water bottles as you like!

  1. Wire Coat Hanger Storage

Many of us have used wire coat hangers and you can use them to store water bottles. Rather than risking bottles being entangled in door knobs, you can put them within a cabinet or pantry door using a wire coat hanger.

This is very handy for folks who have tiny kitchens or don’t have enough shelves. It’s a great idea for keeping your bottles close at hand without taking up a lot of space.

  1. Repurposed Magazine Holders

You can reuse magazine holders to keep your water bottles if you have some. This is a fantastic storage solution that’ll keep your bottles arranged and simple to find.

Also, it’s a clever way to reuse something that could otherwise be gathering dust!

  1. Storage Container

A plastic storage container is the last option for a straightforward and useful way to keep your water bottles. It keeps your bottles contained and safe with a tight-fitting lid.

Also, it’s a flexible option that is simple to move about your house. A storage container is a simple option that can keep you organized whether you’re keeping your bottles in the pantry, kitchen, or garage. 

One Major Thing to Do Before Organizing Kitchens Water Bottles

If you’re finding it hard to locate spaces in your kitchen, perhaps it’s time to reconsider what you’re actually using. It’s normal to gather kitchen things over time, yet several of these items could be unnecessary in your daily life.

To make more room, try storing stuff you don’t use regularly in a box. As a result, you’ll be able to figure out what you truly use daily and which items you can do without.

Donate the items you haven’t used in the past 3 to 6 months. You can do this to simplify your kitchen and make room for the materials you actually need.


  1. How can I store taller water bottles?

Lay taller bottles flat in the drawer instead of trying to keep them straight. By doing this, you can maximize your storage capacity while having quick access to your bottles. Try adding a drawer divider to keep everything orderly and arranged.

  1. Is there any way to store 5-gallon bottles?

Yes. You can try out a 3- or 5-tier water jug holder made of durable steel. This type of rack is specifically designed to hold large water bottles securely.

Wrap Up

We understand that every kitchen is unique, so don’t be upset if these ideas don’t work exactly for you. 

The trick is to set up a structure that works for both your space and your way of living. Instead, you’ll have everything neatly arranged and easy to grab on the go. 

That’s all! Those are our tips on how to organize water bottles in kitchen. Picture this: no more searching through a messy cabinet or fridge for the exact bottle.


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