A fundamental step in cooking and baking is the proper measurement of ingredients. After realizing this truth, many people wonder how to measure 2 cups of Cool Whip. 

The question may sound a bit dumb at first since there are so many ways to measure 2 cups of Cool Whip. However, you can’t ignore it since Cool Whip is often used in desserts. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to measure this whipped cream accurately. Well, 2 cups of Cool Whip can be measured easily, either using a measuring cup or a scale. 

Further, we will discuss in detail how to measure 2 cups of Cool Whip with these measuring tools. We will also share some secret tips to gain better accuracy and avoid mistakes while measuring.   

How to Measure 2 Cups of Cool Whip: 2 Effective Methods

Depending on the tools that are available, there are various ways to measure Cool Whip accurately. However, using measuring cups or a measuring scale is the most common way to measure 2 cups of Cool Whip. 

Let’s start with how to measure 2 cups of Cool Whip with measuring cups. 

Using a Measuring Cup

We are all aware that measuring cups are a common kitchen appliance used to precisely measure both dry materials and liquids. The following actions can be performed to measure Cool Whip with these cups: 

  1. Take a large measuring cup.
  2. Keep pouring water until it reaches the 2-cup mark.
  3. In a bowl or other appropriate container, pour water.
  4. First, melt the Cool Whip a bit.
  5. Then, scoop the Cool Whip from its tub or container into the same mixing bowl until it is at the same level as the water.
  6. Using a silicone spatula or the heel of a knife, level the Cool Whip.

Sometimes, we also require measuring 2/3 cups of cool whip based on the amount of cream we want to produce. In that case, you can explore how to measure 2/3 cups.

Using a Scale

A kitchen scale is a precise piece of equipment that may assist you in accurately measuring ingredients. The steps listed below can be followed to weigh Cool Whip on a scale:

  1. Reset the scale to zero and place a mixing bowl on it.
  2. Scoop Cool Whip into the mixing bowl until it weighs 226 grams (which is around 2 cups), after opening the tub.
  3. Level off the Cool Whip using a spatula or the back of a knife.  
  4. Again, either use a spatula or a knife’s heel to level off the Cool Whip. 

Pro Tips to Measure Cool Whip Accurately

Measuring Cool Whip accurately is essential to achieving the desired texture and consistency in your recipes. Here are some tips to help you measure Cool Whip easily and accurately:

Use the Right Measuring Tools

The right measuring tool will determine how to measure 2 cups of Cool Whip. Therefore, it is crucial to use the right tools. Among many measuring devices, liquid measuring cups are the best for measuring Cool Whip. They are designed to hold liquids conveniently. Additionally, these cups are calibrated to specific volumes to let you know how much liquid they hold.

How to Measure 2 Cups of Cool Whip

Level Off the Cool Whip

Level off the top of the Cool Whip in the measuring cup or on the scale to ensure that you are measuring the proper quantity. By doing this, you can also avoid using an excessive or inadequate amount in your recipe. 

Avoid Packing the Cool Whip

Cool Whip can be difficult to measure accurately when packed into a measuring cup. It can generate a dense and heavy measurement by compressing the air out of the product. It is recommended to delicately scoop the Cool Whip into the measuring cup or onto the scale in order to prevent this. This will guarantee that it stays fluffy and light. 

Bonus Tip – Be Aware of the Measuring Unit 

Some claim that 2 cups of Cool Whip weigh the same as 8 ounces (oz). Well, that is not certain. After comprehensive research, we came to know that 8 oz of Cool Whip is equivalent to 3 cups, according to the web pages of Kraft Heinz.   

On second thought, it depends on the unit as well. You should not confuse 8 oz with 8 fl oz, which is used to measure volume. You should know that 8 fl oz of Cool Whip weighs the same as 1 cup of metric measurement, which is around 76 grams. 

For your convenience, we have the following table containing the sizes of various Cool Whip containers and their equivalent cups

Container SizeCups
8 ounces (US)3 cups
12 ounces (US)412 cups
16 ounces (US)612 cups
500 ml (Canadian)2 cups
1 liter (Canadian)4 cups

Other than the above containers, no other size of Cool Whip is sold in the US and Canada. This table also teaches us a shortcut, which is to acquire the quantity of Cool Whip equal to two cups, just buy the 500 ml (Canadian) container.

Why Is It Important to Measure Cool Whip Accurately?

Since Cool Whip is a component that may substantially alter the flavor and consistency of a dish, it is crucial to measure it precisely. A dessert may turn out to be overly runny, too thick, or have a texture that is different than desired if Cool Whip is used in excess or insufficiently. 

When it comes to the overall flavor of the dish, precise measures are also essential because altering the proportions of the components might change their creaminess, sweetness, and other characteristics. 

You can guarantee that your dessert will turn out how you expect it to and will always be excellent by correctly measuring the Cool Whip.  


Explore the following frequently asked questions and answers if mastering the aforementioned techniques for measuring 2 cups of Cool Whip is still not enough for you. 

How much Cool Whip does one cup contain?

If 8 ounces of Cool Whip in a container is equal to 3 cups, 1 cup will hold almost 2.67 ounces. However, it will depend on various factors, such as the size of the cup and the process of measuring it.

What is the Cool Whip standard size?

In Avon, New York, Cool Whip is produced for the American as well as Canadian markets. The standard size will depend on these 2 regions and the manufacturer. For instance, the 16 oz plastic tub or container is the standard size for Kraft Frozen Cool Whip. 

Are whipping cream and Cool Whip the same?

If we consider it carefully, then no. You should be aware that whipping cream has a higher fat content than Cool Whip. In fact, whipping cream has nearly twice as much saturated fat as Cool Whip when the amounts are the same. But compared to whipping cream, Cool Whip as well as other whipped toppings have a lot more sugar.

Bottom Line: How to Measure 2 Cups of Cool Whip

When it comes to baking and cooking, precise ingredient measurement is essential, and Cool Whip is no exception. For the best texture and consistency, measure Cool Whip precisely, whether you’re preparing a delicious dessert or a sweet topping.

You shouldn’t have any problems now that you know the importance of accurate measurements, tips for accurate measuring, and, most importantly, the 2 effective methods on how to measure 2 cups of Cool Whip. We wish you much success in measuring Cool Whip with assurance and in producing delectable treats that will dazzle everyone. 


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