An OTF knife is cool, right? You may find a lot of OTF knives on the market from reputed brands. But why not make one yourself?

In reality, most people don’t know what an OTF knife is. So, how to make a double action OTF knife is a subject that comes a lot later. Therefore, we will explain what a double action OTF knife is and then describe the process of making one.

Without further ado, let’s dive deeper to find out the complete process and the materials needed for this purpose. 

The Definition of an OTF Knife

In modern times, the term “OTF” has various meanings. When we talk about knives, the term is rather confusing to people because of its frequent misuse. They may not understand what you are trying to express. 

You will need some education when you actually want to know about an OTF knife. To put it simply, “OTF” refers to “Out of The Front.” In a nutshell, this is a special type of folding knife where the blade remains hidden inside the handle. The user needs to slide the blade open at the front of the handle.

How to Make a Double Action OTF Knife

People get confused between an OTF knife and a side opening knife. OTF knives are not like side opening knives, they are different. In a side opening knife, the blade usually pops out from the side of the handle, not from the front. Although the release mechanism may differ, the blade always deploys from the side. On the other hand, the blade always comes out from the top or front of the handle in an OTF knife.  

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What is The Difference Between a Double Action and Single Action OTF Knife?

It will be unbiased if we don’t talk about a double action OTF knife. The mechanism is pretty similar. However, in a double action OTF knife, the blade retracts or extends automatically with the help of the sliding button. 

As a result, these are more reactive and easier to use than single-action OTF knives. With that said, they are more expensive than single action OTF knives. While the blade can be deployed automatically, it needs to be pulled inside the handle manually in a single action OTF knife.

How to Make a Double Action OTF Knife? A Complete Guide

You can find plenty of OTF knives on the market. Some of the popular brands include SOG Pentagon, Kershaw Interstellar, Microtech Ultratech, and so on. However, making one by yourself is a different experience. 

Before going through the process, you will require the following materials:

Materials Needed

Below, are some materials that you will need while making your very own double action OTF knife:

  • First and foremost, you will need a steel blade. It should have a sharp edge that is suitable for a pocket knife.
  • You will also need a handle. In this case, aluminum or stainless steel is preferred.
  • Additionally, you will need a few screws to attach the handle and some springs for the deployment mechanism.
  • Finally, you will need a drill, a screwdriver, and other such tools to assemble the parts.

The Process of Making a Double Action OTF Knife

Once you have the materials in hand, you are ready to begin building your double action OTF knife. Just go through the following steps:

Step One – Assemble the Handle

Before you can begin to construct a double action OTF knife, you need to assemble the handle. To do this, you will need the handle parts, such as scales, spacers, and pins. You will also need tools like a screwdriver and tweezers. 

Start by laying out the parts in the handle. You need to ensure they are all in the correct order while doing this. Place the scale on the back of the frame and secure it with the screws provided. 

Use the tweezers to guide the screws into their places. Just don’t over-tighten them. Next, add any spacers before placing the opposite scale onto the frame. Then, use the screws to secure it. Finally, use your tweezers to help place the pins into their holes. 

When you have finished assembling the handle, it is wise to check that everything is secure and that all parts are in place. 

Step Two – Attach the Blade

The next step in making a double action OTF knife is to attach the blade. The most important factor here is aligning the blade and deployment mechanism correctly for safe and proper operation. 

First, place the blade inside the handle. Make sure it sits evenly within its designated area. Then, use screws to securely attach the blade to the handle. Tighten the screws enough to keep the blade in place, but not so tight as to cause damage. 

Finally, use a piece of heavy-duty tape to cover any sharp edges on the blade that might be exposed.

Step Three – Attach the Deployment Mechanism

Now it is time to attach the deployment mechanism to your knife. This is the part that allows you to switch between the open and closed positions with a simple push or pull. 

To do this, you have to insert the deployment mechanism into the handle. You may need to adjust the machine accordingly so that it can move freely inside the handle. Once everything is in place, attach the deployment mechanism to the blade. 

Depending on the design of your knife, this may involve using screws, nuts, bolts, or adhesives. After that, you need to attach the control switch for the deployment mechanism. This should be placed near the base of the handle. It must be connected to both the blade and the deployment mechanism.  

Step Four – Assemble the Knife

Now that you have all the parts ready, it is time to assemble the knife. Start by securing the deployment mechanism to the handle. You can do this by using screws and tightening them firmly with a screwdriver. 

Next, attach the blade to the deployment mechanism. Typically, this is done by inserting the blade into the opening of the mechanism and then tightening the screws. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws, as this can cause damage to the blade.

After that, attach the pivot pin to hold everything in place. You can do this by inserting the pin through the handle and into the center of the deployment mechanism. The pin should be tightened securely so that everything is firmly held together and can function properly when deployed.

Step Five – Test the Knife

Once you have completed the assembly of your double action OTF knife, feel free to test it out. For safety purposes, it is better to do this in a place away from other people, as a malfunction could lead to serious injury. 

Gently press the deployment switch so that the blade comes out smoothly. Once it is out, pull the switch back to ensure that the blade retracts without any issues. If everything is working correctly, then you can practice opening and closing the knife with more force to get used to the mechanism. Always handle the knife with care and store it safely when not in use. 

If you face a problem understanding any of these steps, then watch the following video for a better visual representation,

Congratulations! If you have come this far, you have completed learning how to make a double action OTF knife.


You may have learned a lot about OTF knives, but there will always be some questions. To narrow down the list of questions, we have answered a few below, 

What does an OTF double action knife do?

Basically, a double action OTF knife can do two things, which are to deploy and pull back the blade automatically inside the handle. You don’t need to apply force to retract the blade inside the handle manually, which is applicable in the single action OTF version. Hence, double action OTF knives are not cheap.

How to OTF a knife properly?

Automatic OTF knives have a blade that leaps forward and snaps into position when engaged. A lever or slide switch is typically used to engage the internal mechanism that extends or retracts the blade. This way, you can properly OTF this type of knife.

Are OTF knives forbidden?

Some state regulations place limitations on the sale of OTF knives. As long as transport and federal commerce regulations are followed, OTF knives are typically lawful to own, carry, and sell under federal law. With that said, there are no legal limits on automatic knives for courier services like UPS or FedEx.

Bottom Line

Making a double action OTF knife is not a complex process when you have enough knowledge and expertise. However, with the right materials and guidance, anyone can learn how to make a double action OTF knife. The process may be time-consuming and require some patience, but the final result is worth the effort. 

We believe, you have already successfully made a double action OTF knife if you have followed the aforementioned instructions properly. This way, you can create a unique and functional OTF knife with your own style, which no one else has.


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