Knives can get into the wrong hands if you don’t lock them up securely, which can cause unwanted accidents. Sadly, many of us don’t know how to lock up knives in the kitchen.

While following a few simple steps to lock up kitchen knives, you can use different types of locks. Correct knife storage is crucial in order to avoid accidents and care for your knives. 

Let’s talk about practical tips on how to lock up knives in kitchen, so you can enjoy your time in the kitchen without worrying about the potential risks. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, this guide is for you. Let’s dive in and explore the best ways to keep your knives safe and secure.

How to Lock Up Knives in Kitchen – Step-by-Step Guide

Keeping knives safely locked up in your kitchen is crucial. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your family’s safety by reading the steps carefully.

Step 01: Buy a Knife Block

Using a knife block is one of the best ways to lock up a knife in the kitchen. At the same time, it is the safest method than storing the knives in a slot. Knife blocks effectively keep knives away from children.

Knife blocks are available in kitchen stores, grocery stores, and other stores. You can buy them from online retailers as well. The price of a knife block varies depending on the material, design, and geographical location.

Step 02: Choose a Place to Install the Knife Block

After buying a knife block, choose a perfect spot to install it. While choosing an area, keep the below 2 points in mind,

  • Easily accessible
  • Out of reach of kids

It means you must choose an area on top of a cabinet or countertop. Some kitchens have cabinets instead of the countertop, which is a good spot for locking up a knife.

Besides, do you have a large island in your kitchen? If yes, then this will also be a good place. Once the place is chosen, set up the knife block, store your knife in it and install it into the place.

Step 03: Keeps Knives Out of Hands all the Times

The prime reason for locking up knives safely is to ensure they are out of the kid’s hands. Whether you use a knife block or not, make sure the knives are always out of kids’ hands. You never know when someone might trip or step over one to get something else.

When a knife is stored safely after use, the chance of cutting someone minimizes significantly. So, don’t be late to store the knife back into a knife block. Moreover, lock it up after storing it so nobody can access the knife easily.

Step 04: Only Take the Knife off when Required

Knives mustn’t be taken out from the knife block unnecessarily. After using a knife, store it in the block without keeping it here and there. Also, keep the knife locked when not in use.

Step 05: Wash & Store the Knife in a Block After Each Use

Cleaning the knife after each use is important as such an act ensures better performance in the long term. Leaving the knife uncleaned after cutting a piece of meat or an apple can cause disaster in the long run.

So, wash them after every use and store them in a knife block accordingly. Proper cleaning and locking up reduce a lot of knife-related accidents.

What are the Best Methods to Lock Up Knives in the Kitchen?

Locking your kitchen knives secure and out of reach is essential for safety. Here are some of the best kitchen methods for locking up knives.

Cable Lock

A cable lock is one of the common methods of locking knives in the kitchen. You can effortlessly protect your knives from unauthorized access or kids.

While installing a cable lock, clear any obstacles from the area. Next, choose a cable lock with the correct size and shape to fit in the area conveniently. Then use the attached screwdriver to secure the lock around the handles of your kitchen knife. Lastly, place tape over the screwdriver and hide it when unused.

Drawer Lock

A drawer lock is another great way to lock up kitchen knives safely. Taking out a knife can easily be prevented with a drawer lock. When you need to use the knife, simply unlock the drawer. After using the knife, put it back in the drawer and lock it again. Thus, accessing your knife without your permission will not happen.

Drawer to lock up knives

Drawer locks come in different styles. Choose the one that meets your requirements. A few options are,

  • Key Lock: These drawer locks must be opened and closed with a key.
  • Push-button Lock: These types have a button, allowing you to open and close by pressing it.
  • Combo Lock: They are a combo, with keys and buttons to open and close.  

Wall-mounted Knife Holder

Wall-mounted knife holders have a base, allowing you to attach them to a wall, and a hinged arm, holding the knives safely in place.

These knife locks offer a few benefits, like keeping the knives out of reach of kids or pets. Also, they are easily accessible and help you organize knives effortlessly. As a result, you can grab your knife when needed without searching in kitchen cabinets or drawers.

However, it has a downside. They can be more aesthetically pleasing. But these are effective ways to lock up knives in a kitchen.

Knife Block

Knife blocks make the knife-locking process a breeze. Kids or pets cannot access your knives when you store them in a knife block. Also, finding knives from a pile of blades will be effortless when you use a knife block.

You will find a wide range of knife blocks in the market. It is crucial to choose the one that fits your needs. Some are designed with hooks in the front, allowing you to hand them conveniently on a cabinet or wall. Another feature is a magnetic brace, keeping the knives locked securely.

Wooden Rack

Looking for an effective way to lock up knives in the kitchen? Wooden racks will be an ideal solution. Once you place them on the rack, one end will hang inside it. The knives remain inaccessible on the other side. Thus, grabbing the knife becomes easy when required.

Magnetic Strip

Magnetic strips are damn easy to use knife lock. No one can remove or move the knives when stored in a magnetic strip. These strips need to be installed on the wall, cabinets, or cupboard. Follow the below steps for easy installation.

  • Find a suitable location to lock up the kitchen on a magnetic strip in your kitchen.
  • Make sure to choose a flat and solid surface. At the same time, the location should be difficult to access.
  • Peel off the magnetic strip and install it in your preferred location.
  • Next, store the knives with their blades facing the magnet.


Sheaths protect your kitchen knives from being stolen or unauthorized access, or lost. A variety of sheaths are available on the market. They have their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

  • Belt Sheath: They are directly attached to your belt. Then hold the knife in place safely. Belt sheath can come into the way when cooking. Also, they are difficult to remove when switching knives between cooking processes.
  • Pocket Sheath: These sheaths are compact and usually fit inside your pocket easily. They are easy to transport. However, you can’t store large knives in them. They are designed especially for pocket knives.

Storage Container

Storage containers help you organize your knife safely in a place. They are available in different types. You can choose a large one if you want to fit all your knives in a single container. While separate storage of your knives can be easy if you choose individual designs.


How do professional kitchens store knives?

Many professionals use special sleeves to store their knives safely. These sleeves protect knives from unauthorized access and keep the blade razor-sharp when not used.

What is a common way to store knives in a commercial kitchen?

Magnetic knife bars are a popular option among professionals to store knives in a commercial kitchen. They hold the knives at a vertical angle and can be accessed quickly in a faster-paced environment.

Which is not the best place to store knives?

A drawer is not the best place to store knives. Your knives can become dull if you do so. At the same time, mold, yeast, and other germs can build up in the drawer, minimizing the longevity of your knives.

What are the two goals of storing knives correctly?

Two goals of storing knives correctly are: preventing injury & protecting the knife.

Why is it important to store knives safely?

Storing knives safely is important for safety purposes. Also, it prevents premature damage and dulling of the knife blade.

Final Words

Locking up your kitchen knives is an essential step to ensuring your family’s safety, especially if you have kids in your home. Not only does it help prevent accidents and injuries, but it also keeps your knives in good condition for many days.

Also, remember to educate your family members on the importance of safely storing knives. Simultaneously, safe handling prevents any potential accidents. With these tips, you can enjoy the convenience of having sharp and accessible knives while keeping your loved ones safe.


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