Maintaining your Ninja coffee maker is vital to enjoying delicious coffee day after day. Following a few straightforward steps to clean your machine, you can ensure every cup is fresh and flavorful. The importance of cleanliness in your coffee maker cannot be overstated. 

Leftover coffee grounds can lead to bitter flavors, and mineral buildup may affect the machine’s performance. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps, from gathering supplies to the final rinse, making the process as simple as a press of a button. Let’s get started and bring your coffee experience back to its peak.

Preparing to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Maker

Before initiating the cleaning process, it’s crucial to ensure you have the right supplies on hand. This preparation will streamline the steps to clean your Ninja coffee maker and make the whole experience more efficient.

Gather Necessary Supplies

You’ll need a descaling solution or white vinegar for the cleaning cycle, which will help dissolve mineral deposits and coffee oils accumulated over time. A microfiber cloth will come in handy for wiping down surfaces, while mild dish soap aids in the cleaning process.

Tools for Disassembly

You’ll need the right tools to remove and clean components like the reusable filter and the brew basket. Typically, no special tools are required beyond what you have in your home, such as a soft sponge or brush, which can help you reach and gently scrub the nooks and crannies where coffee residue may hide.

Cleaning Agents Required

A solution of equal parts water and white vinegar is ideal for tackling coffee oils and other residues. For the best results, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down all surfaces after the vinegar solution has done its work. This cloth won’t leave lint behind and is gentle enough to prevent scratches on your coffee maker’s finish.

how to clean ninja coffee maker

Understanding the Cleaning Frequency

Regular cleaning is crucial to ensure that your Ninja Coffee Maker continues to produce the optimal flavor. Coffee oils can accumulate and impart a stale taste to your brews. It’s recommended to clean your coffee maker after every use with a cloth to wipe down surfaces and remove any residue. A more thorough cleaning should be performed at least once a month or as often as the clean light indicates.

Staying on top of your cleaning routine will prevent the build-up of coffee oils and other residues, which can affect the machine’s performance and the taste of your coffee. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior and all removable parts to keep your machine looking and functioning at its best.

The Cleaning Process

Let’s dive into the cleaning process to keep your Ninja Coffee Maker in pristine condition.

Step 1: Empty the Brew Basket and Carafe

Begin by removing any leftover coffee grounds from the brew basket and any remaining coffee from the carafe. This will prepare the coffee maker for a thorough cleanse. If you’ve been using a pod adapter, remove it as well. It’s essential to start with empty components for an effective cleaning session.

Next, clean the brew basket and carafe with soap and warm water to remove any lingering coffee oils, which can negatively affect the optimal flavor of your future brews. Use a wire brush for any stubborn spots that need extra attention. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no soap residue remains.

Step 2: Mixing the Cleaning Solution

Mix white vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio for an effective homemade cleaning solution. This mixture is gentle on your Ninja Coffee Bar and will help dissolve mineral deposits and coffee oils. Fill the reservoir with this cleaning solution to the ‘Max Fill’ line.

Step 3: Running the Clean Cycle

First, to start the clean cycle on your coffee maker, ensure the clean light is on. Then, press the “clean” button. This will trigger the machine’s clean cycle, using the prepared vinegar solution to descale and clean your coffee maker. Place an empty carafe under the brew basket to catch the solution. 

If you typically use a travel mug or select “full carafe” for your pot of coffee, adjust the settings accordingly. The “cln” and the countdown timer will appear, signaling the start of the clean cycle. The cycle is running when this countdown timer of the clean cycle begins, and the clock display will flash. This indicates that the coffee maker is actively cleaning itself.

Monitor the clock display as it counts down; this indicates the clean cycle’s progress. The clean light will turn off when it’s complete, signaling that your Ninja Coffee Maker has been thoroughly cleaned.

Step 4: Rinsing With Fresh Water

After descaling, it’s essential to flush out any remaining cleaning solution from your coffee maker. Run two complete cycles with fresh water to remove all traces of the descaling solution. Fill the reservoir, select the “full carafe” option, and start a standard brew cycle. Repeat this process to rinse the machine.

how to clean ninja coffee maker

Maintenance Between Deep Cleanings

A little upkeep goes a long way to keep your Ninja coffee maker in tip-top shape between each deep clean. Regularly wiping down surfaces and components prevents the accumulation of coffee oils and residue. This not only preserves the quality of your coffee but also extends the life of your machine. After each use, ensure you empty the grounds and give the brew basket and carafe a quick rinse to avoid build-up.

Post-Brew Wipe Down Guidelines

After each brew cycle, it’s beneficial to immediately remove any leftover grounds and give the brew basket a thorough rinse. Clean the carafe with warm, soapy water and dry it to prevent water spots. A quick wipe of the machine’s exterior with a damp cloth can keep it looking new and prevent the build-up of stains and residue.

Weekly Routine for Longevity

Set aside time once a week to wash removable parts like the permanent filter, carafe, and lid in warm, soapy water. If they are dishwasher safe, place them on the top rack of your dishwasher for convenience. Use a soft brush or sponge to scrub any stubborn areas. This weekly routine helps maintain your coffee maker’s overall hygiene and efficiency.


By following these simple yet effective cleaning tips and guidelines for regular cleaning, you can prevent issues and prolong the lifespan of your Ninja coffee maker. Remember, periodic maintenance and a thorough deep clean are vital to always enjoying a perfect cup of coffee.

After cleaning your Ninja coffee maker, you’ll notice a marked improvement in the flow of coffee and its taste. A clean machine is crucial for brewing the perfect cup of coffee. With the proper care, your Ninja will continue to deliver exceptional performance and delicious coffee for an extended period.


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