When considering a new microwave, the Breville microwave stands out for its combination of style and function. Known for a design that minimizes noise, this microwave claims to offer a seamless cooking experience. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s dive into an in-depth analysis that evaluates everything from its innovative features to its everyday usability, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Among the plethora of kitchen appliances, this microwave shines with a near-universal 4-star rating, often flirting with five stars. It promises to tackle common microwave woes like uneven heating and cold spots. Whether you’re reheating mashed potatoes or cooking meals from scratch, this appliance aims to deliver consistency and quality. The star rating reflects user satisfaction, but let’s examine whether the performance aligns with the accolades.

An Overview of Breville Microwave

The Breville microwave complements the modern kitchen with its sleek appearance and user-friendly interface. It positions itself as a microwave and a key player in the array of kitchen appliances. With a reputation for quality, Breville has integrated thoughtful touches like a soft-close door to reduce noise, aiming to enhance the user experience beyond mere functionality.

Quality often comes at a price, and this countertop compact wave soft-close microwave oven is no exception. While some users may balk at the cost, many find the investment justified by the device’s performance and durability. Reviews frequently hover around the 5-star region, with the occasional dip to 4 stars, indicating some room for improvement but overall strong consumer approval.

breville microwave review

Features of the Breville Microwave

Several features make the Breville microwave stand out from similar products. Let’s look at some of them.

From Frozen Feature

The Breville microwave excels with its ‘from frozen’ feature, designed to simplify cooking frozen foods without the wait for defrosting. This is just one aspect of the 3-in-1 appliance, which combines microwave, convection, and grill functionalities, providing a versatile tool for any cooking task. The smart reheat function is another highlight, allowing for precise reheating of leftovers without overcooking.

Convection Feature

This appliance offers more than just reheating, Combining microwave and convection cooking. It allows you to bake, roast, and even crisp foods, expanding the possibilities of what can be achieved with a microwave. The convection feature circulates hot air around the food, ensuring even cooking and browning, which is ideal for pastries and meats. The smart reheat function takes the guesswork out of warming up your meals, automatically adjusting the time and power for optimal results.

Smart Heat Function

Adding the smart reheat function means your food is warmed and restored to its original quality as much as possible. No more guessing times and power levels; the appliance adjusts these automatically based on the type of food, providing precision highly valued in the kitchen. This smart approach to reheating showcases the appliance’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of your dishes.


The hallmark of any reliable kitchen appliance is its quality, and Breville’s microwave is built to deliver on this front. Every aspect is designed to meet high standards, from the consistent heat distribution that avoids cold spots to the robust materials used in its construction. The result is a dependable appliance that performs its duties with efficiency and longevity.

Quality also extends to the culinary results you can expect. Whether reheating pizza or cooking a roast chicken, this microwave maintains flavors and textures. Its powerful and versatile nature sets it apart from a typical microwave, ensuring that your dishes come out as intended, reflecting the high-quality standards Breville is known for.

Design and Build

The Breville Compact Wave microwave boasts a sleek and stylish design that is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The stainless steel interior is easy to clean and adds to the appliance’s overall durability. Additionally, the soft-close door feature exemplifies the attention to detail in the design, reducing wear and tear and contributing to a quieter kitchen environment.

Moreover, the footprint of this compact appliance is considerate of counter space. It offers the functionalities of larger models without dominating your kitchen landscape. The combination of thoughtful design and solid construction makes this Breville microwave a contender for those who appreciate appliances that blend seamlessly into their kitchen’s design while offering robust performance.

Ease of Use

For many, the ease of use is a pivotal factor in choosing kitchen appliances. Breville understands this and has designed their compact microwave with user-friendliness in mind. An interior light illuminates the contents, allowing you to monitor your food without opening the door, and the intuitive dial to set the time and functions makes for a no-fuss experience.

Even the most tech-averse users will find the operation straightforward, with easy-to-use buttons and clear settings. The quick-start option heats in 30-second increments, providing a simple solution for those needing food ready without hassle. These features underscore the appliance’s commitment to convenience without compromising on functionality.

Custom Settings and Pre-programmed Functions

Breville’s microwave elevates the cooking experience with custom settings and pre-programmed functions that cater to various culinary needs. For instance, the softening butter function is a godsend for bakers, providing the perfect consistency for doughs and batters without the risk of overheating. This level of customization reflects the thoughtful engineering behind the appliance, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

These pre-set functions are not mere gimmicks but are fine-tuned for optimal performance. Whether you’re melting chocolate for a decadent dessert or using the defrost function to prepare ingredients straight from the freezer, the precision of these settings ensures that you can trust the microwave to deliver consistent results every time. It’s this reliability that sets the Breville microwave apart from standard appliances.

breville microwave review


At the heart of this versatile appliance is a powerful convection heating element capable of evenly cooking various dishes. It boasts a 2 cu. ft. capacity, which is ample for most household cooking needs without consuming excessive counter space. This appliance not only heats but also bakes and fries, offering a comprehensive solution for those looking to expand their culinary repertoire.


  • Receives a high star rating, often achieving five stars
  • It incorporates an air fryer function for healthier cooking
  • Features a convection oven for versatile baking and roasting
  • Offers user-friendly custom settings for precision cooking


  • Some users report uneven heat distribution


1. Can the Breville microwave truly replace multiple appliances in my kitchen? 

The Breville microwave is a powerful and versatile appliance that combines a microwave function, a convection oven, and an air fryer. This means you can reheat food, bake, roast, and even fry using just one device, saving counter space and time.

2. How do I maintain and clean the Breville microwave?

Cleaning is a breeze. Simply wipe down the stainless steel interior with a damp cloth and mild detergent. You can use a paper towel to absorb any excess for stubborn spills. Regular maintenance will keep your Breville microwave in top condition.

3. Is the Breville microwave suitable for cooking large meals?

With a 2 cu. ft. capacity, you can quickly cook or reheat larger dishes like a roast chicken. The turntable ensures even cooking, so you can confidently prepare meals for the whole family.


The Breville microwave is a high-performing, multifaceted appliance that can elevate your kitchen experience. If you value a sleek and stylish design, innovative features, and versatile cooking options, a Breville microwave could perfectly fit your kitchen.


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