When the arena is your kitchen, you need to choose the right knives no matter what. But the availability of so many knife brands has made things more confusing. Razar is one of the popular knife brands and people get confused about their product quality because of so many controversies. And that’s why the question of the town is often, ‘are Razar knives any good?’

Yes, Razar knives are good definitely. But some people may not like them because most Razar knives are made in China. Yet, they have rare quality issues and their kitchen knives are handcrafted with high-end material.

However, you might have a bucket full of questions about the Razar knives. And here I am to answer all of them to make things clear for you. Let’s get started.

What Are Razar Knives?

Razar is a renowned knife brand founded by the CEO of the company, Charlton. The person had a great interest in the kitchen and cooking and soon after he grew up, he invested his savings to manufacture kitchen knives along with his father.

Thus, the Razar Knives company was incorporated and now, it is a popular American knife brand. The goal of this Razar team is to produce handcrafted and high-quality knives good for kitchen uses in an affordable price range.

The company produces knives and different signature Razar Knives sets for chefs and cooks. All their knives are designed in Europe though there is a controversy about where they are actually made of. However, Razar knives reviews are not so positive, still, the majority love their products.

What Materials Razar Knives are Made of?

According to the manufacturers, Razar knives are made of very high-quality materials. They ain’t using the same material for all the series of knives. Instead, they choose different types of high-end steel materials to make specific series more special.

For their best knives, the Razar team are using 7CR17 high-carbon steel, VG10 Damascus Steel, and high-quality carbon steel. Besides, most of their knives are handcrafted by people who have over 30 years of experience in this criteria.

However, the material is not the only thing that makes the products of this brand special. The design, handles, manufacturing process, and everything make the knives so smooth and comfortable to use in the kitchen for a long time.

Are Razar Knives Any Good?

Now, come to the most important fact of this discussion. Not sure if you are concerned that Razar knives have a lot of controversies. The company seldom exposes its manufacturing details. But their products are rumored to be made in China.

In many discussion websites, you will find the question, ‘are Razar knives any good?’ People mainly ask this question because of the controversies.

Usually, most knives of this brand are designed in Europe. But we don’t have a clear idea of where they actually made it. Some blogs have strong proof against Razar Knives for making products in China with Chinese steel.

But nothing is so sure. Eventually, the Razar team never denied that their knives are not made in China. But they always assure that they use top-notch materials and that the knives are handcrafted. And most users appreciate their effort in making such high-quality knives even after using them for a long time.

Specialties of Razar Knives

Razar knives ain’t being popular overnight and just for their good-looking product. They prove the quality for decades and now they proudly offer their gratitude for being recommended by thousands of professional chefs.

No doubt that Razar knives are special for a bucket full of reasons. Some of the specific sides of specificity of the knives of this brand are marked below.

Drop-forged Process

All the knives from Razar are handcrafted by people with more than 30 years of experience in this field. All of them are drop-forged and have to go through the continuous heating and cooling process.

High-quality Material

As I have said before, Razar knives are made of high-quality materials like 7CR17 high-carbon steel. Most materials are from Japanese and Damascus steel. But the controversy also revealed that they use Chinese steel as well.

Smooth Design

All the knives of this brand come with a full tang design. It ensures relatively more stability and balance. The entire knife has no joints and is made from a single metal piece.

Ergonomic Handles

The professionally designed ergonomic handles of all knives from this brand are so smooth and comfortable to hold. Most of them are made of epoxy resin and wooden burls that ensure perfect grip.

Laser-etched Pattern

You will see the laser-etched pattern on every single knife from Razar. And that is a specific uniqueness of this brand. This pattern ensures stability and sharpness for years.

Lifetime Warranty

Razar offers a lifetime warranty for products they sell on their material. So, you don’t need to think much about the durability of the knives while buying them.

Pros and Cons of Using Razar Knives

If you are interested in the knife brand, Razar, you must be looking for the advantages and drawbacks of the products. This section will indeed help you demising the question of whether are Razar knives any good or not.


  • Ergonomic handles ensure a smooth and comfortable grip.
  • Sharp cutting edge for smooth cuts.
  • Laser-etched Pattern for more stability.
  • Handcrafted design that offers a perfect balance to avoid accidents.
  • Varieties of knife designs to use for various reasons.
  • Versatile knives, good for use for multiple purposes.


  • Questionable material quality if they use Chinese steel.
  • Comparatively expensive in terms of design and aesthetics.
  • Razar knife sets of different signature series are even extremely expensive.
  • Slightly heavier than the average knife.

What to Check before Buying a Razar Knife?

In any case, if you are planning to buy a Razar Knife, it’s better to check a few things before you do. The following facts will help you choose the right one.

Blade Material

As you already know, Razar knives have controversies with their material, you need to double-check it. Only pay for knives that have high-quality carbon steel.

Manufacturing Country

For many of you, the country that manufactured a product may not be a business to mind. But you should check it. Knives made in China might use local materials for sure.

Right Knives

You need to consider exactly what you will cut using the knives. And you need to buy them accordingly. If you need to for multiple purposes, you better go for a set.

Sharpness and Sharpening Techniques

Before you buy a knife, it is wise to check its sharpness by cutting something with it. Also, make sure to learn about ways to sharpen it from the shop helper. And you should buy one that is easy to sharpen.

Wrapping Up

If you were really concerned about whether are Razar knives any good or not, might have your answer at this point. Though there are some controversies, Razar knives are always appreciated by professional chefs worldwide.Well, it must be the time, I should put the pen off. But promise me that you’ll remember to be careful whenever you are with a knife, no matter what brand you are using. Make sure to stay safe and sound. Thank you for your time.


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