Coast Products is expanding its lines of folding or pocket knives. Each Coast knife has its special features, letting you cut things when needed. Now the question is, are Coast knives any good with all their exclusive features?

Folding knives from Coast have razor-sharp blades folding into the handle itself. They are equipped with double-lock safety features. This feature keeps the blades locked in place to avoid unwanted incidents when you don’t use them.

In fact, Coast is a brand upholding a high standard in production and knife quality. Their knives are worth your hard-earned bucks.

Are Coast Knives Any Good?

What makes a pocket knife exceptional from other folding knives? Quality craftsmanship, sharpness of the blade, safety features, and reasonable price are the key points people look for when buying a pocket knife for all purposes. Happily, Coast knives tick all the boxes.

Is the Design well-functional?

The design of Coast knives is unbeatable. These knives are built for precision with a design helping them maintain top status for many days. The blades arrive with razor-sharp quality. Different materials and designs hold a sharp edge for an extended period.

  • Folding Functionality: One of the biggest features of Coast knives. The blades fold right into the handle when not in use. Its blades remain protected from damage and friction against other objects. This way, the blade’s natural dulling process retains for many days.
  • Size: All Coast knives are compact. As a result, they are safe and easy to carry. Moreover, these knives fit easily in a pocket or camping bag. Furthermore, they are designed keeping durability in mind, allowing you to use them for long periods.
  • Replaceable blade: Easy replacement of the blades make Coast knives incredibly versatile. When the blade gets dull, simply pop the blade off and replace it with a new blade. No sharpening involved, saving valuable time. In addition, some Coast knives come with extra blades, giving you the flexibility to use them for multiple purposes.
  • Comfortable grip: Similar to all other premium products, the Coast pocket knife handle is also manufactured with nylon. This material is well-known for impact resistance, stability at high temperatures, strength, and chemical inertness.
  • Lightweight Structure: Many camping or outdoor activities require lightweight, high-performing cutting tools. Coast knives are specially designed for such purposes. Most of their knives are damn lightweight and roughly a few ounces.

What Materials are Coast Knives Made From?

Coast knives stand the test of time. Most knife blades are made of premium-quality stainless steel. Moreover, the blades are heat and cold-treated to maximize durability and hardness. Some models have added carbon to improve the strength. The blades absorb impact effectively for stainless steel design without chipping or breaking.

While the handle is made from fiber-reinforced nylon. This material can effectively resist wear, shock, weak acid, and oil. As a result, coast knives have improved abrasion resistance for an increased lifetime of parts. Furthermore, the handle provides a secure grip while offering comfort and ease for long hours of use.

How do the Knives Perform?

I have been using Coast knives for several months. Overall, their performance is more than the good you expect from low-cost knives. I never felt hesitation in cutting things like wires, boxes, etc.

Coast knives are innovatively designed to balance the blade and handle perfectly. Putting additional pressure to cut things is unnecessary. The handle is also well-constructed for convenient gripping when cutting for prolonged hours.

The size and thickness of the blade are also compact compared to other pocket knives. The average length of most Coast cutlery folding knives is 3 inches. Don’t get fooled into thinking that these small knives are less efficient. In reality, for their ergonomic design, Coast knives are perfect for heavy-duty tasks like cutting rope, wire, or twine, opening canned objects, cutting up wood kindling for a fire, etc.

What about Safety or Locking Mechanism?

The Coast knives are constructed to take safety to the extreme. Their knives are engineered with modern locking mechanisms like liner lock, Max-lock, etc. Such a system locks the blade in either the closed or opened position.

Using the knives with one hand is pretty effortless for the liner locking mechanism. Opening or closing only occurs when you push the spring bar in the handle. When the blades are locked, your fingers are protected from accidental closure during use.

Besides, the blade clicks into place accurately when it is closed. The locking mechanism works efficiently, preventing the blades from accidentally opening in your pocket or pack.

Overall, Coast hunting knives are pretty safe in your pocket. The reason is the same spring tension that helps it open keeps it firmly closed. So, there is zero possibility of opening the blade in your pocket.

Are Coast Knives Sharp?

The Coast knives are fairly razor-sharp right out of the box. They will surely help you get the job done efficiently. However, the blades are not so sharp that the edge will break down or dull quickly. This feature is necessary for the trails.

Are Coast Knives Any Good

Many pocket knives are overly sharpened. Those blades wear down quickly before the cutting task is finished. Happily, you will never experience such incidents when cutting with Coast knives.

Whether you cut rope, food, or wood when camping, using these knives will always be painless and enjoyable. You will thank the blades for their consistent performance. Overall, the blades are solid, razor-sharp, and perfectly sized to do anything heavy-duty.

How Long Do Coast Knives Last?

Generally, Coast blades last a decade and come with lifetime warranties. Stainless steel construction ensures the longevity and durability of the blade. However, the warranties are guaranteed against craftsmanship defects and materials.

Also, if your Coast knife fails to meet excellence standards, you can repair or replace it. Plus, if your newly bought Coast knife is defective, consider returning it for further assessment. It would always be best to learn the return policy of a Coast knife.

What are Coast Knives Suitable for?

The more you carry a pocket knife, the more uses you will find. This is also no exception for Coast knives. These knives are suitable for a wide range of household and outdoor tasks. Here are a few things where you can use Coast knives.

  • Opening packages
  • Removing staples
  • Popping a can
  • Sharpening pencils
  • Cutting wires
  • Making kindling
  • Cutting rope
  • Untying knots
  • Cleaning your nails
  • Removing splinters
  • Splitting firewood
  • Making arts and crafts
  • Hunting
  • Fishing

Coast Folding Knives vs. Different Knives Brands

Several pocket knives are available on the market from different manufacturers. CIVIVI and Smith & Wesson are two of them. When comparing these 2 renowned folding knife manufacturers with Coast, you will find that the prime difference is the materials.

They also have similarities in the locking mechanism, power source, and foldable design. In terms of price, Coast is more affordable than the other 2 manufacturers. But Coast knives provide the same performance as premium folding knives. 

ParameterCOASTCIVIVISmith & Wesson
Blade MaterialStainless steelStainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy steelCarbon Steel
Handle MaterialNylonCarbon steelAlloy steel, Aluminum
Locking MechanismYesYesYes
Power SourceManualManualManual
Foldable DesignYesYesYes
PriceAffordableExpensiveA bit expensive

Overall Impressions

So, are Coast knives any good? Undoubtedly, they are worth the price. High-quality build, long-lasting, razor-sharp blades, comfortable grip, and many more make these knives suitable for general and camping purposes.

My two cents when using Coast knives are to be extremely careful. The razor-sharp blades can cut your thumb if you are inattentive when working with them. Always keep the knives folded when not in use. Locking mechanisms work accurately. There is no chance of the blade slipping open in your pocket. In order to stay injury-free, all you need to do is be damn attentive.


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